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Teachers: Miss R. Langford (RL), Miss R. Millns (RM)
Teaching assistants: Ms M. Best, Mrs C. Lyddiatt


Traditional Stories

Our topic on Traditional Stories and Fairytales will have the children turning into amazing writers.
The children will get to know Jack (from Jack and the Beanstalk) and through him get to meet lots of other characters and
learn about different stories.

There will be runaway
Gingerbread Men and much more fun!
We have included in this booklet some of the things we will be focusing on this half term and given ideas about how you can help at home. Please do feel free to come and talk to us if you would like more information. 

personal social and emotional

Supporting your child

  We will be:
Talking about how we show our feelings
Listening to the ideas of others
Developing our confidence by taking part in our class assemblies.

You can help at home by....
Talking about different feelings; encouraging your child to take account of others ideas. 

communication and language

Supporting learning

We will be:
Talking about the stories we have heard
Making up our own stories as we play
Thinking about the needs of the listener

You can help at home by....
Encouraging them to ask questions and comment on the stories they have heard; helping them to speak appropriately to different people


Safe at night

We will be:
Making sure we form letters correctly
Dancing to different fairytale music
Using large apparatus for climbing.

You can help at home by....
Helping them to practise writing their letters


Supporting your child

  We will be:
Writing in full sentences, using capital letters and full stops
Checking what we have written makes sense
Writing wanted posters, invitations and our own stories

You can help at home by....
Encouraging your child to write for a reason e.g. a shopping list, a note about their Lego model, invitations etc. 


Supporting learning

Ordering numbers to 20
Estimating how many objects we can see
Adding and subtracting with numbers up to 10
You can help at home by....
Helping them to recognise numbers to 20; helping them to write numbers; estimate objects through everyday events, e.g. how much
shopping is in the trolley; to talk about and work out one more than a given number. 

learning beyond school

Websites and Apps

Here are some useful websites that you could use to help your child at home:
Your child will begin learning to read through the Read Write Inc. programme. The following website contains information and some useful videos to help support your child in their learning-   


coming soon...

RL Assembly
Trip to the theatre 


Online learning journal

Your child’s online learning journal is there for you to look at, comment on and add to.

If you have not yet signed up then please see your child’s class teacher. 

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