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Hillstone Clubs

At Hillstone Primary School, we provide a wide range of out of hour clubs for children aged 4-11. It is important us, that young children who participate in activities out of lesson time are encouraged to try new experiences; develop new interests; discover unknown talents; acquire new skills and develop existing ones.

Children’s University

What is the Children’s University?

The Children's University™ is a national project which recognises the achievements of young people who choose to take part in high-quality out of hours learning activities. The aim is to raise the aspirations of our young people by introducing them to a wide range of learning opportunities and by attending celebration events hosted by local universities and colleges.

How do passports work?

From Year 3 to Year 6, every child at Hillstone will have a Children’s University passport that belongs to them. These will be kept in children’s pigeon holes to allow them easy access. Each child is responsible for their own passport and they must ensure their passport is signed at the last session of the club. This will show how many hours the child has earned. However, not all clubs are validated by Children’s University so please see the list on the side and below for more information.


30 hours – Bronze Award

65 hours – Silver Award

If a child has received Bronze and/or Silver Award by the Easter holidays, they will receive their award at the Hillstone ‘Children’s University Award Ceremony’.

100 hours – Gold Award

If a child has received Gold Award (or above) by the Easter holidays, they will be invited to Aston University to receive their award.