Sports at Hillstone

Our Sporting Values

At Hillstone Primary school we believe that a child, who is physically active, is a happier child. The early years of a child's life builds the paving blocks to fundamental skills for future activity, developing agility, balance, coordination and sport specific skills. Sport and Physical Education promotes health and exercise and means our children will be more likely to be active adults. Not only does sport have physical benefits but it also develops their social attributes, improving their confidence, teamwork and communication skills. Sport helps to install a 'growth mind set' in children, helping them to deal with failure and mistakes and to understand that these are needed to improve and should be celebrated. Sport gives children a practical way of experiencing this.


On Monday 14th January six year 3/4 children competed in a level 2 school games gymnastics competition. The competition was held at The Blue Coat Primary School in Edgbaston. 

For the competition our gymnasts had to learn a routine which contained different balances and jumps along with a variety of ways of travel. The routine was performed one gymnast at a time in front of all the other teams that attended; of which there were nine. With quite a unique atmosphere, of just silence the pressure was immense but our children performed almost perfectly throughout, nailing their routines with aplomb.

As well as this our children had to demonstrate a vault. This again was performed one gymnast at a time, but this has a little more risk involved with our children launching themselves onto tall apparatus via a spring board. Again though our team did not wilt under the pressure and performed their vaults brilliantly.

We finished in 1st place overall and now go onto representing our partnership in the All Birmingham Winter Games Finals in March. Well done to all of our team who have practiced over and over the last few weeks to perfect their vaults and routines. Their hard work has really paid off.