Sports at Hillstone

Our Sporting Values

At Hillstone Primary school we believe that a child, who is physically active, is a happier child. The early years of a child's life builds the paving blocks to fundamental skills for future activity, developing agility, balance, coordination and sport specific skills. Sport and Physical Education promotes health and exercise and means our children will be more likely to be active adults. Not only does sport have physical benefits but it also develops their social attributes, improving their confidence, teamwork and communication skills. Sport helps to install a 'growth mind set' in children, helping them to deal with failure and mistakes and to understand that these are needed to improve and should be celebrated. Sport gives children a practical way of experiencing this.

Para Athletics

On Tuesday 30th January twelve of our KS 2 children took part in an athletics competition at Billesley Indoor Tennis Centre. 

All in all, twenty one schools competed in the event. Our children had to do both 'track' and 'field' events. These events included relay races, long jump and javelin. Our children performed fantastically well throughout the competition, with many of them well prepared, coming to many training sessions in preparation for the event. 

We were named overall winners of the competition just pipping local school Timberley Primary to first place. Our children were ecstatic to win the competition and were so pleased with their performances. Well done to all the children who took part in the event. They worked tremendously hard in training and their effort was duly rewarded. They will now go to the All Birmingham Finals Wednesday 14th February.