Sports at Hillstone

Our Sporting Values

At Hillstone Primary school we believe that a child, who is physically active, is a happier child. The early years of a child's life builds the paving blocks to fundamental skills for future activity, developing agility, balance, coordination and sport specific skills. Sport and Physical Education promotes health and exercise and means our children will be more likely to be active adults. Not only does sport have physical benefits but it also develops their social attributes, improving their confidence, teamwork and communication skills. Sport helps to install a 'growth mind set' in children, helping them to deal with failure and mistakes and to understand that these are needed to improve and should be celebrated. Sport gives children a practical way of experiencing this.

Quicksticks Hockey 

On Wednesday 13th March, fifteen children represented Hillstone in a school games hockey level 2 competition at King Edwards Sheldon Heath. We entered three teams into the competition which consisted of 16 teams. 

Quick sticks hockey is a form of simplified hockey, where only four players make up a team; 2 boys and 2 girls. Each of our teams was put into a different group in which we played against three other teams. Our A, B and C team played exceptionally, winning all of there games and only conceding a combined 2 goals throughout the group stage.

As three of our teams had made it through to the semifinals we opted to play a 'friendly' games instead of out and out semi finals, as the one remaining school who won their group was not from our partnership.

Our children had a fantastic time in challenging conditions as the wind and rain, at times, become problematic. Despite the weather our children played with great enthusiasm and put into practice all the skills they had learnt in PE and in gifted and talented clubs. 

What a fantastic achievement to have all three of our teams finish in the top three. 

We now go onto the Winter Games Finals on Thursday 4th April.

So far this academic year we have won every level 2 School Games event we have entered. This is the first time we have had such overwhelming success. Well done to all of our children who work incredibly hard to improve their skills on a daily basis.