Many families will inevitably go though periods when life can be very challenging this may affect a child’s attendance at a school.
In these situations it is really important that parents and carers talk to staff at the school to gain support and to stop non-attendance at school being a long term problem.

Attendance Policy

Make every day count.

At Hillstone Primary we have outstanding expectations for attendance and punctuality. Excellent attendance maximises the learning opportunities and experiences that each child receives. Children with excellent attendance make good progress in the academic learning and their social and emotional skills.
At Hillstone we set an individual target for all our children of 96.5% minimum. It is this commitment to attendance that has an overall impact on the child’s individual attainment and progress through out all areas of their learning.
If you have any concerns regarding your child’s attendance please contact
Mrs Gibbon our Pastoral Manager and she will be happy to support your and your child.