“This is Our Voice”

A concert of songs written and performed by primary school children at King Edward’s School, Birmingham Performing Arts Centre on Friday 17 June 2022. Featuring singers from Brownmead Primary Academy, Timberley Academy, Hillstone Primary School. Elms Farm Primary School and Sladefield Infant School.


Visual arts is split up into; drawing, painting, printing, collage, 3D form and sculpture and photography. The children have the opportunity to learn new skills and master existing skills in more depth. Regular visits from artists and to galleries ensure that our children develop a love and appreciation for visual art. In addition, there are a wide range of arts opportunities available for the children out of school. We offer Arts Award to the Year 6 children and have a number of trained staff who deliver this.

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Performing arts includes music, dance and drama. Music is a lifeblood of Hillstone and anytime of the day you will hear music echoing through the school whether it is children or staff! Music is great fun and it helps makes the school a happy place for the children but it also has a wide range of advantages which help with their overall learning from developing concentration, maths skills or rhythm work in language. All children receive music, dance and drama as a key part of the curriculum. There are regular lessons in each of the performing arts and many opportunities to perform at assemblies, class and year group plays and our Christmas performances. Additionally, there are numerous clubs, open to all children, that help them to develop their performing art skills. On many occasions, this results in the children performing in the community at different events.

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